What is The NLP Coaching Road Map?


footsptesTaking the first steps to begin a career as an NLP expert is a very exciting move, which can conjure up many exciting emotions. Like many you are probably heard the many benefits of NLP and how it can enhance your life, business, relationships and sales. It’s important to get a grasp on the full picture and gathering all the facts before deciding if NLP is for you and most importantly which NLP Coaching Institute you will choose.

  • Did you know that 87% of people who studied NLP don’t do anything with the new tools they have learned after 6 months and a further 94% after 12 months?
  • Did you know of the 6% that continue to use the new tools only a 30% will develop a career as a NLP coach and develop successful business?

At the Power Training and Coaching Institute we are about teaching NLP in a real practical way that actually works, No Hype, No Bombastic Sales Pitches and No Bull. JUST PURE NLP that you can apply in your life, career and coaching practice.

Stephen Licciardello


Stephen Licciardello

NLP Trainer and Coach

Stephen Licciardello is a world class trainer in the field of NLP and personal development, having business and training experience in Australia and abroad.

As a Master Practitioner, coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies and other coaching modalities, also a member of the Australian Board of NLP and the Mind Institute, also has a Diploma of Business and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Sharlene Licciardello

NLP Trainer and Coach

Sharlene is a well sought out Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner and Trainer of Matrix Therapy, Master Trainer of Meditation, Master Wellness Coach Practitioner, as well as Living Passion and Purpose Practitioner.

Sharlene is dedicated to seeing people equipped with the skills and resources to achieve success in life and business, easily and effortless.



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